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Samstag, 7. April 2018

Danton's family in portraits

Some portraits of Danton and his family, found here.
1st row: Georges-Jacques Danton, by some Gueuze (?)
2nd row: Danton’s mother, Jeanne Madeleine Recordain (1729-1813), with one of her grandsons, by Jean Baptiste Isabey – Danton’s older sister, Anne Madeleine Menuel (1755-1802), by Jean Louis Laneuville
3rd row: Danton’s first wife, Gabrielle Antoinette Charpentier (1760-1793), by Jacques Louis David – Danton’s second wife, Sébastienne Louise Gély (1776-1856), by Antoine Louis Sergent – Danton’s son, Antoine Danton (1790-1858), by an unknown painter.

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